Sunday, November 30, 2008

Have Your Say: Flood insurance

As the flood waters recede in parts of England it has become clear tens of thousands of homes have been affected. The insurance industry says claims related to flood damage will total 1.5bn.

Guide to Right Purchasing Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can protect you from substantial losses that result from a variety of situations, including canceled trips, lost baggage, medical emergencies, supplier defaults, as well as other unforeseen circumstances.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yacht Insurance Policy

With the vast number of yacht insurance and boat insurance providers out there, choosing a policy that best suits your needs can often be discouraging.

News - National Insurance explained

Originaly from: News - National Insurance explained page The National Insurance system pays for a number of benefits and the retirement pension.

Life insurance scam put lives at risk

Life insurance scam put lives at risk It comes as no surprise that the police have arrested the prison officer who reappeared 5 years after faking his death so that his wife could claim on his life insurance policy.

Life Insurance Fears Following the London Bombings Tragedy

Following on from the tube train and bus bomb attacks in London there was a move from several UK insurance companies to reassure victims that claims would be processed “quickly and sympathetically”.

1 Simple Tip To Save More Car Insurance

With more people owning cars and various types of motor vehicles, the need to compare auto insurance quotes and rates are getting more crucial. However, there are tons of people that are paying a lot.